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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Detection Indonesia data begin in January 2017?
  • The Deteksi Indonesia portal was launched on 9 May 2018. However, the information / data contained started in 2017 due to coverage one year backwards important data as initial database. Reason another is the availability of sufficiently complete data sources if only pulling back one year.
  1. Who pays for Deteksi Indonesia?
  • Detection of Indonesia is an integral part of the program Supported Counter-Terrorism and Capacity Building Program (CTCBP) by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), Government of Canada.
  1. Can the Deteksi Indonesia data be used for academic purposes and policy makers?
  • Yes. We encourage researchers, analysts and policy makers to use data / information Detection Indonesia in each their work. For further needs, raw data from Detection Indonesia can be downloaded in full.
  1. Can Deteksi Indonesia data be used for the general public?
  • Yes. By accessing Deteksi Indonesia, we encourage the general public can have awareness and knowledge of the issue of terrorism and handling that exists in Indonesia. The user can take advantage of the features Charts to quickly get an overview, patterns and trends of phenomena terrorism in Indonesia
  1. How can I access Deteksi Indonesia graphics and raw data?
  • The user must first enroll in the feature sign up . After that, users can access all menus, can download all of The Habibie Center publications, and can download raw data Deteksi Indonesia.
  1. Does Deteksi Indonesia data include incidents separatism / rebellion?
  • As per the defined definition (see the Methodology feature), all incidents of separatism / rebellion are not included in the category Indonesian Detection data
  1. What are the limitations of Detection Indonesia data?
  • There are several limitations to Detection Indonesia data, namely (1) not presents information / data that is not reported by online media; (2) Information / data on Detection Indonesia cannot describe the analysis and conclusions outside the context of events (seraganan and handling) from online media coverage, examples of why the attack incident terrorism in a certain period targets certain targets; (3) unable to describe projections or possible attacks terrorism later in life; (4) Information / data on Detection Indonesia is not accommodate the profile of each individual perpetrator of terrorism attacks; (5) In methodology, the Deteksi Indonesia data management system has limitations when there is a phenomenon of terrorism (eg attacks terrorism) which is an extreme anomaly. When faced with things said that, it needs technical handling first, such as updating of the linguistic structure of the data.
  1. I'm having trouble using the Detection portal Indonesia, what should be done?
  • Users can take advantage of the contact us feature when facing technical problems with portals and data substance presented in Deteksi Indonesia. We will respond to the report immediately from good users it instantly fixes portal services that are not walk or provide a written explanation via email.
  1. Why does Deteksi Indonesia data present information about attacks and handling terrorism?
  • The reasons there are two categories, namely attacks and handling in data Deteksi Indonesia is to increase awareness and knowledge the public that the phenomenon of terrorism is not limited to just attacks but the handling process that has been carried out by all parties frequently missed or even less well informed in a structured manner systematic. Another reason is to see the harmony between the problem that arises (terrorism attack) with what has been done to deal with the problem.
  1. What is the source of Deteksi Indonesia data?
  • The data source for Deteksi Indonesia is 108 online media both nationally and local (province). Online media selected based on results assessment of The Habibie Center team, namely regarding the coverage of the news broad, regular coverage, has attention to issues terrorism / extremism, accessible to the public at large and continuous, and all news content in Indonesian. & nbsp;
  1. What are the reasons for choosing to use this methodology?
  2. Why did we create Indonesian Detection Data? And what is the purpose of detection Indonesia?
  • The Habibie Center (THC) is committed to being actively involved in efforts to prevent and deal with terrorism. This commitment is based on on the belief that efforts to prevent and deal with terrorism must be inclusive in nature with the involvement of various elements of government and Public. THC considers that policies are related with efforts to prevent and deal with terrorism must be based on accurate data and information as well as adequate academic studies. As a concrete form of this commitment, in early 2017, The Habibie Center started the program Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Indonesia: Towards Inclusive and Data-based Framework . One of the strategies THC uses is database development terrorism called Detect Indonesia . THC assume the use of the database can support the process making policies and formulating strategies to deal with extremism and terrorism in Indonesia
  1. Is this data free for public access?
  • Yes. All information contained in the Deteksi Indonesia portal accessible to the whole community. To be able to take advantage of all features and information periodically in the Detection portal Indonesia, users are encouraged to register first to become registered-user .
  1. Do I have to pay for Deteksi Indonesia data?
  • Users of the Deteksi Indonesia portal are free of charge get the information presented in this portal. The CTCBP Team Habibie Center will always try to update information accurately in this portal according to the methodology that has been determined.
  1. Can Deteksi Indonesia data be used as a source of information in criminal proceedings?
  • Not. Information / data originating from Deteksi Indonesia is based statistically on the entire aggregated results selected online media coverage. The Indonesian Detection Team will update data / information related to certain cases accordingly with the availability of accurate and credible data. Detection Portal Indonesia only provides data that is presented in the portal. Conclusion and analysis of certain legally related cases / incidents terrorism or other crimes beyond The Habibie's responsibility Center.